PCOS- Stress and Distress 3

Inability to loose weight despite following several diets and exercise routines

This is the second symptom of PCOS and probably the most talked about. The first two symptoms, weight gain and inability to lose weight, are closely related and can run havoc in your life if not checked. If you are suffering from PCOS, it is quite possible that you have searched the internet for all types of fad diets and exercise routines that never work for you.

Why do i say so? Well they never worked for me as well. My doctor even prescribed a weight loss pill, that made me eat like… well it made me eat like two people. Plus, the the more calories in burnt in exercise, the hungrier i felt. Same happened with any new exercise routine or with a new type of diet plan. The more i stuck with the plan, the hungrier i felt and the more weight i gained after leaving the plan.

So, what next. We probably do not have anything to save us ladies from this trauma. I am not so weight conscious. In fact, i like and appreciate the way i look. I do not find anything wrong with how i look. But, it has come across on a number of occasions that we are a visual society. We take things at face value and we are mad about the pop culture icons of health and beauty.

Half of the trauma resides in the mind. When you are confident enough to face challenges, you will find them falling like dominoes.  There is absolutely no reason why you should stop being the center of attention in school, college, home or office. You are a beautiful woman and you have all the rights to walk like a queen. Its only you who stops you from being ‘You’.

Now, i am not asking you to take up a challenge for weight loss. Lose some pounds in a few weeks and look like stick thin dolls on that counter. You have to first respect yourself, take a deep breath and smile. Then read on these little tips that will help you in losing weight and keeping healthy. I don’t promise that these tips will work like wonder and help you lose 10 pounds in a week. But, they are certain steps that i have adopted in my life that have helped me stabilize my weight and i feel much healthier than before.

Tips for healthy weight loss:

1. Drink plenty of water.  You should ideally be drinking some 2 to 3 liters of water everyday. If you have water retention problems then you must drink more water. Remember, the lesser your drink, the more you retain. Plus, drinking water will help flush out the toxins in your system over time and give you that instant glow. If you have dried hair or nails or skin, this may actually help.

2. Include veggies. Lets face it. Veggies help. Take them raw or steamed anyway you like. A body suffering from PCOS is normally weaker than others, so you need more minerals and vitamins.

3. Go mad over soups. Okay, don’t go mad literally. But make soups a part of your diet. NO fancy soups. Simple homemade soups work best.

4. Walk, Walk, Walk. Ideally, a healthy person should walk 10000 steps a day. Well those goals are framed in labs. I have this little app on my android, that counts my steps. I cant really expect it to be absolutely true, but when you see the number of steps you took during a day, it makes you happy. A little piece of motivation for weight loss, specially when you have a sedentary lifestyle like me.

5. Limit the intake or Junk and Fizz. Don’t cut it altogether if you are fond of it. You don’t have a reason. Simply limit it. Instead of eating 6 times out in a week, make it 3 or 4. Whatever you feel comfortable with, but not 6.

These were the things that have been working for me. I keep trying new things. Whenever i hit on something new, i will let you know. The point is not in going mad about being thin or slim. FAT- everybody hates this word. I don’t. Enjoy the chub. I mean, only you can make people call you FAT. Yes, i am FAT, but i cannot be ugly, bad or plain boring.

The inability to lose weight is found in many PCOS cases. There are many causes behind this- identified and mostly unidentified. You will lose weight very slowly. Just keep walking and keep taking enough liquid. It will happen. Don’t make weight loss a prestige issue. Keep Smiling, Stay Blessed! I will be back with more info in the next post.

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