PCOS- Stress and Distress 2

Weight Gain:

fine people, time to talk about the first symptom of PCOS i.e. weight gain. PCOS may also mean that you are overweight or obese. Most of the fat accumulation is around the waist. Most of the cases that i have seen gain a significant amount of weight in their abdominal area and their bodies appear pear-shaped.

Your weight can be normal in a few cases, but in most of the cases i have seen women with a big bulge in the belly. The worst part? You may seem pregnant even when your are not. The irony here is that PCOS is one of the leading causes of infertility. In short, you are being made to look like what your are not and if you are trying to conceive(TTC) you might find this pretty frustrating.

Weight gain in PCOS can also be related to Hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid glands cannot produce enough thyroid hormone for your body. Most of us are suffering from Hypothyroidism and if you are worried about this weight gain, you must get your thyroid levels checked. You should test the T3, T4 and free TSH hormone tested to get the correct interpretation. If you have a flab of loose skin or flesh in your arms instead of triceps, it is an indicator that you might have hypothyroidism.

Another cause of this condition is Insulin Resistance. This is probably the first thing your doctors will tell you when you are diagnosed with PCOS and you might probably be taking Glycomet or similar drugs to regulate insulin in  your body. They are supposed to help the body maintain sugar levels and loose weight as well.

My personal view? I have hypothyroidism and i have been taking thyroxin for over an year. Glycomet was something i used quite a while ago and honestly it made me look and feel terrible. In fact, my body was so against this little pill that i used to throw it up before it could even get down my throat.

The most difficult task for a women with PCOS is to loose weight. Fad diets, diet control pills, gym, exercise, what not? You seem to have tried everything but nothing works. The worst part is your jeans has refused to fit and you have to struggle to get inside your clothes.

I would really like to tell you that weight gain is never a phenomenon of a day. You will never loose any weight that way. In a condition like PCOS, where the whole body is (literally) against weight loss, it can be very difficult a task to shed pounds.

Weight loss in PCOS is a matter of time and not pills and fad diets? So can this really happen? Yes it can. But you will have to wait for the next post.



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