The Three Paths to God

A persona is composed of three layers and there are three margs(paths) that lead to god.
You can chose either the ‘Karma Marg’ (the path of good deeds) which is made possible by the ‘sthoola sharira’, the outermost layer of the organism.

Second we move on to ‘Jnana/Gyan Marg’ which is achieved by the concentration and focus of the the second layer of the organism, ‘the mind’.

Thirdly, there is the ‘Bhakti Marg’, achieved by the innermost layer or the core of the organism, the soul or the ‘mana’ which is identical to our very own ‘God Particle’.

‘Prani’ or organism can chose any path that fits his routine and persona. However, we might argue that one path is better than the other. What i have seen and experienced is that all the three path are complimentary to each other. No ‘Bhakti’ is done without ‘Gyan’ and no gyan can be achieved without ‘Karma’.

If you believe in God, you must believe that each and every action that you undertake is a service to God. If you do not believe in God, no worries. Believe in yourself. That is more than anyone else can desire.

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