Hypocrisy… you ll never die

Dear Hypocrisy,


You know you ll never die,

never die, never ever die,

and shall i tell you why?


Sorry if that hurts you Hypocrisy, but the truth is that people hate you. Be glad Hypocrisy, they fake it when they hate you. In reality, they love you. They will bathe in the Ganga, they will wash their sins. They might feel they are cleaning their soul of all the filth and dirt they have acquired through their lifetime. I seriously doubt this, first, because Ganga is not so clean now. They even leave their half-burned dead in the river, their sewerage and what not. Secondly, if washing the body was the best way to get rid of their sins, i would have still been the dirtiest.


They will never leave you Hypocrisy. You know why? You are the reason why they survive. You bring spice to their life. Now let me give you an example. I met a ‘someone’. This someone is very particular about abstaining from ‘lehsun-pyaz’ and ‘non-vegetarian’ food during the Navratri. This way they clean their body. However, they have absolutely no problem in mocking people, thinking bad for them, speaking bad for them and doing bad for them. They like to hurt. Why Hypocrisy? Why do you make them do that? They cleanse their bodies and not their soul. Is it the true spirit of Navratri?


The brain, the mind, the soul, the atma- whatever you call it, is the basis of all life forms. The reason why we exist and the reason why we would probably re-exist (How? I will write about that in later posts). Then why to cleanse and wash and clean the temporary organic mass and forget about that wonderful spiritual being?


There is another ‘someone’ i know. In fact, she is a neighbor. A woman above 65 years of age. She made it a point to overlook a house in her neighborhood where her ‘friend’, please mind this word ‘friend’, had died. She did not even become a part of her ‘shav-yatra’ and did a cameo instead. She also made it a point that none of her family enters enter or even look at that house for the next 13 days.


I wonder when she dies, will her children overlook their own house too? Shall they be treated the same way? Shall we not look at them when any death happens. Shall we not really?


Hypocrisy, you will never die. Even if you do, nobody would dare overlook you. That is what you taught them hypocrisy. We hate in others what we love in ourselves. How do we love unless we hate? How do we hate unless we love?


If love and hate were the two faces of a coin, why not keep one for myself and pass on the other to someone else? Why not love myself for counting calories and hate my friend for being too calorie-conscious?


Why not call myself a brand new stainless steel utensil bought on Dhanteras and call my peers dented aluminium mugs worthy of a beggar’s ornament?


Why not write a blog telling people about their flaws and not try to correct myself and my behavior.


Hypocrisy, you ll never die.


Joy is a state of mind 🤗 I run this blog to share all my yogic and life experiences with people. This age deserves enlightened souls, and we need them in hundreds. I would love if you become a part of this journey with me. It has everything you may want to learn about when you are down in life.

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