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Woes of a Start-up

The woes of a start-up business are best understood only by a start up entrepreneur. When you are working from a small room with more fresh air and sunlight than clients, you are a hero in your own rights. Much to our accomplishments, we feel like hippies from the 80’s who have turned out to be corporate rebels. Yes, we are rebels because we do not wear black suits all the time and we can actually wear whatever we want without worrying a bit about the questioning eyes of the co-worker. Pyajamas rule the day and we all are seen sporting them along with some ‘value for money’ t-shirts. Wow!

While my work experiences in the corporate sector was largely a matter of always looking good and smiling in front of your predators, I felt more pity over the business owners and their assistants. We were running the corporate fuel burning. I went away and took the statement literally and burnt my corporate fuel in reality.

Instead I found peace in the arms of one of the most beautiful places in the world and started something much smaller and less corporate. The people were not very well versed with the black coats and black hats of business. On the other hand they lacked the redneck capacity of cutting the other’s bird in mid air while they were on a hunt for their own.

And here we are as a startup. I am glad that it is a business that really works for some ideals and has some values which it sticks to. I am glad that we do not create a CSR cell in the company that does nothing but advertise about how the company is challenging the greatest of charity men in history. We don’t do that. We do not advertise. We just do it. Our work is our advertisement.

MyContentLab is my child. My first born in a sense. A product of my imagination, my personal values and my idea of making business more people friendly. It is being nurtured by the efforts of a few young people all over India. I am glad with what I have and as my baby turns 1 on 19th October, I am coming up with a few new opportunities for young talented people to showcase their abilities.

This personal aim has transformed into an entrepreneurial mission. Let’s see how much we can accomplish.


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