Glorifying Victimization

okay so, now i have come with something that i really wanted not to write about for long. Victimization appears very nice. I mean wherever i go, i find people who talk about people who have been through a lot in their life, been there even when they were forced to eat the dust in relationships and jobs. They are talked about because they went through all this without opening their mouths, without protesting, without complaining.

Not that being a rebel in every situation is good or endlessly complaining sounds too good to me, but yes, glory comes to those who ‘suffer’.

why do good people never speak up?

why are good people always victims?

why should i keep quite when i am forced to serve a tyrant?

why should i not speak up for my rights?

why should a girl stay mum on being groped in a bus? its because a good girl will never speak a word and a bad girl would speak only to make the other passengers believe that she is a slut.

bad language? sorry i could not stay quiet.

women who have ignored cheating husbands, girls who have ignored eve teasing, children who have been beaten and molested, elders who have been sent to old age homes… all suffer the same pain.

when you are denied your rights, when you are asked to bribe a public officer, when you have to ride your vehicle on bumpy roads, when your streets do not have lights, when you have to wait for electricity for hours, when every season brings you a new tension you are a victim……

when you are not able to speak out, when a disease overpowers you, when authority expects you to be devilish, when the most powerful man on the planet(you) feels helpless, when floods and earthquakes gives you goosebumps, when ghost stories do not let you sleep, when the rising price of petrol becomes a nightmare, you are a victim…..

we glorify victimization.. we love to complain to deaf ears because we are afraid that once our whining is heard it will be addressed immediately and we will have no more topics to discuss in our living rooms and who knows maybe the goons don’t like it…

we are victims because destiny makes us do things..

we are victims because we do not take action to change our lives.

we are victims because somebody else has the control over our life.

we are victims because every time somebody on the streets comes to tell us that we are not worth it.

we are victims because we defy every possibility of getting out of the spider’s web and instead chose to have sad chats with the other fly stuck on the web.. or maybe more flies…. they are fun to chat with… we all discuss about how our lives are worse than each other… what a madness..!! what a rage..!!!

we are victims, because we love to stay like victims..

we are victims because we are afraid of power…

we are scared of power because we know that great power comes with great responsibilities….

so why to get power and not be able able to do justice… we instead chose to be victims of power… we chose to judges of power… we conduct long endless debates about power and the powerful…. remember we do not exercise power ourselves… we think power makes us a tyrant.. power makes us go crazy.. power makes a devil of a man… responsibilities make the ox of a man and both combined make you are fierce beast… wow..!! what imagination…

lets chose to be victims if you don’t have faith in your own selves……

oh! and yes, i am writing this post because i have chosen not to be a victim of people, power and circumstances…

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