Death is Beautiful

Why are you scared of it?
Why do u despise it?
Why do you think it will take away all you have?
Why do you want to escape?

In this life, you were given numerous sorrows
This life that never even promised a tomorrow
This life that made you suffer for sins
This life made good and bad akin.

Why do you not embrace it?
Why do you not wait for it?
Why do you run away from it?
Why do think you can hide from it?

I have seen people who hoard their wealth
I have seen people with deteriorating health
I have known those who wanted to die
I have known people with their palms towards the sky,
They pray everyday for life,
They are scared of death and this life suffice,
Their breath, their will and their desires.

Why do you blame it?
Why don’t u name it,
The most wonderful event in life?

Death is not a scary monster
Death is a virgin maiden
Death is not the chilling breeze
Death is just a cold body left at ease.

Death is an event uncertain
Death is the one who pulls the curtains
To the sad life you have lived.

I find her a beautiful girl
Dressed in pure white
An angel sent from heaven
A mother who loves her child.

She tells the child
and her caretakers in advance
I have come to take my beloved.
She is the one who clads the dead
In a pure sheet white
Her purity conceals all the black
Ugly scars on your soul.

Death is beautiful
And the soul about to receive her
Slowly detangles the threads of maya
To hold the hands of the eternal mother.

Death is beautiful
She gives you a pleasure I cnt explain
I have never known people
Who come back from the arms of death.

Mother I am a child
I am lost in this world
You took away your children
And here I am
My life is troubled
And my mind is restless.

I don’t know when
Will you come to take me along
I don’t even know how long….
But I promise I will be
A good girl in your absence

Life is a stern but nice babysitter
I will be a good girl till you are back
And I will bid life farewell
With tear filled eyes.
But I will still be
Content in my heart…….

Joy is a state of mind 🤗 I run this blog to share all my yogic and life experiences with people. This age deserves enlightened souls, and we need them in hundreds. I would love if you become a part of this journey with me. It has everything you may want to learn about when you are down in life.

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