this crazy world

its a crazy world in the end,
with a few to love and lot to offend.
its all about that popular trend,
looking pathetic on you with all that money spent.

we are crazy people looking for collective madness,
and we believe that stupid liquor will erode the sadness.
they taught me cleanliness was next to godliness,
when they threw their dirt on roads and called it ‘saintliness’.

i wanted some solitude, they called it bad attitude,
i told him i want the stars, he was busy with the booze in the bar.
who do u wanna be? a modern day feud?
with no Victorian customs, its just the fancy car.

boy, i never asked u which brands u wear,
so even if u go, u ll leave no tear,
who said i was interested, i was just killing time,
then u said in a fraction of a second, your heart was mine.

girl, you were not my friend,
only a companion to hang out with,
even if i shared one or two things,
it wouldn’t matter, it was about a silly fling.

u there? u remember who i am?
all the good times and ‘the secret’?
then suddenly the smell of the boiling brew,
how would you remember me, i dont even know you.

family, oh i wish i wasnt the black sheep,
i wish i cud consider your suggestion, my silly self was a geek.
your considerations dont match my ambitions,
though i love you i know, so much that its difficult to let go,
the fact that i am a creature of my own creation.

lets forget it all, lets talk about my love,
a man i met and instantly fell for,
too old for my age, but i never really cared
though i didnt know the fact i love him till he was gone.

it was just a matter of three days, the only fateful times when we met,
but  miss destiny had already set,
the mockery and the irony of my life,
to add some good moments and a lot of strife.

who knew what it meant, he too must be engaged by now,
to a girl his parents want him to marry,
a girl he has never met till date,
but with her he will take the sacred vow.

no worries, life goes on,
but i never found another who could outshine your slowly diminishing halo.
i have my own dreams that lie ahead,
i cant take my focus off, i cant really think to relax,
but your memories and your fantasies are still a treat,
to the sore eyes after a long day at work.

i have broken many hearts, have broken even their trust,
but why do you force me to be what i am not?
expectations are great and pull a continuous thrust,
no wonder they make my temperament hot.

my life isn’t meant to go your way,
i won’t even let it(pray),
for this is just a crazy world,
mad people reside it.
i have just one path,
and no one beside it.

people have come, people have gone,
i have always been there where i currently am,
though you find me too fast for your speed,
i find it good, that i am not the part of your greed.

in the end, i am still looking for the solitude i wish,
its nowhere but in the abyss of my heart, am i mad too?
but suddenly i realized that its the quality of groups,
and madness keeps a distance from solitude too….

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