never say die

Although you frame laws, exceptions are always there,
Although you undertake a task, hindrances are always there,
Although you are good enough, better ones are always there,
Although you’ve faced the past, future hopes are always there.
Be a winner and take it all,
Don’t be a loser, who keeps standing small,
Try again, if you fall,
I know you’ll come up walking tall.
Sway the darkness, let light come in,
Open your heart, let desire creep in,
Be a dreamer, let dreams check-in,
Be a winner, let victory set-in.
Take one flower,
Sing one song,
Light one candle and watch out the splendor.
I am the best, repeat the same line,
Stand up by yourself, let others decline,
Gather your strength, be that chosen one,
Always remember, time waits for none.
You are pure, if not glamorous,
Others are splendid, but you are fabulous.
Never feel down,
Don’t let your heart break,
All you’ll do after your life,
Is go to heaven straight.
I’ll be your thoughts and acts,
And I’ll be your sight,
Through all the thick and thin you face,
I’ll always be by your side.
Nevertheless people make mistakes,
But great people never stop becoming great,
The next time you come to your windows and see,
I’ll be your power and I’ll be your fantasy.
So, let you spirits fly,
Fly high to the sky,
This is your life,

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