best day of my life.part 1

i dnt hw it happnd…. i was just glad it happnd….

this is the story of me getting almost blinded for a month n doin thngs i never expected me to do….

sometimes u have to take chances in life….n i took a chance of meeting a complete stranger who was a lil elder to me…

he was a  media person n i was just a media student… we interacted on a social networking site. n damn i started liking him. he was never online  as often as i was. my fourth semester xams were on. bt i still managed time for net browsing as i cnt study for long.

it started vid a  casual ‘hi’. whn i saw his pics i felt a crazy force driving me towards him… yes, he had those deep, silent and calm eyes which i always admire in guys. but this time it was different.  i was hypnotized by his charm.  n i must say his lips were extremely seductive. i never noticed these thngs in the beginning but as time passed by, i got addicted to him n observed every lil thing about him.

we normally used to chat in the morning… coz he had his work timings from 3 to 1 .  he asked me whn i was planning to come to noida. i replied as soon as my xams finish coz i had to do my internship there. he was fine and said that it was too far away as my xams would finish on the 26 may n i had to meet him on the 27. though everythng was still very casual. i actually did not plan to go n meet him.

thn one fine  day we xchanged our phone numbers. n i was glad to receive his msgs. it felt so nice. somebody actually devotes a few seconds of his day to me.

i was feeling so good. it was the first time in my life that i was seriously thnkin of a guy. i never noticed that i was fallin in love. i used to stare at my cellphone waitin for his text. wasnt i doin somethng that i used to amke fun of???  i was

so my xams finished on the 26. i called him at around 9 o clock. we had a nice chat n he asked  whn r u coming to noida. i said tomorrow. n whhhooooaahhh… i said tomorrow just like that.  he said he would call me whn he is done with his work.

after some time he called up n we talked till 4 in the morning. man the nxt day i had to see him in noida at 11. whn would i sleep??? bt it was okay with me at that time. coz i wanted more of him. i didnt want to cut the call n we kept on talkin for so long. i felt sooooooo good.

was it gonna be the thng i always wanted? was he the one for me?? ohh…. is it not god himself who asked fate to design a series of events that cud bring us together??? i had no control over what was happenning…. i didnt even thnk what was i doing.  it just went all by itself…. n i must admit that i was extrememly happy… n joyous…. coz i was in love…with a stranger…..

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