is THIS love???

i ve never been able to understand what being in a relationship mean. like any another teenager i grew up listening to love songs n listening to stories about romeo n juliet. my frenz always wited for a prince charming to come on a white horse n take thm away to the land of love. n i must say, i wished the same. bt thn, i started wonderin, what is this thing that i want? is it physical attraction or the want to stay together. and i am still confused.

i wonder if i ll be able to love. i see ppl hanging out together , sayin i love u , n thn a small thng makes the relationship fall into pieces.  i dnt why loving someone means sticking to just him/her, making him/her ur world, n thn looking for every other ‘possibility’ u meet.  it was a shock.

what does a human being want. i knw that we all r not looking for name, fame, money or wealth. w e r all looking for love. that eternal feeling that someone is there for u. i till sit in shock whn i realize that relationships r not a commitment from ur heart.

i ve never been in a relationship, bt i sure knw that sometime its all about  a hand on ur shoulder that eliminates allits  worries from ur life, sometimes its all about  a smile, a kiss, a look in ur eyes, a word, a touch, a feeling or just  a small hug that tells u that nothing in the world can make u cry, untill i ma here with u. its just a sense of security. a way to live.

no wonder some ppl say love is this or love is that, to me love is what makes the world goes round. u may have had a bad experience in love or all u have is just a fond memory of a beloved. love never dies. it a continuous n spontaneous. it is what brings life to ur existence. its not taht one bad experience would lead to another one. so long as we are ready to take chances n make our life worthwhile, we can never stop loving.

loving is like eating. its ur basic tendency. u can never stop love. it will conquer ur heart without u realizing what has changed…..

if u smile without a reason, become sad without a cause, if u can walk for miles on the road,smiling, n without thinking where u are going, if u can just close ur eyes and find urself on cloud 9, u r in love.

think about it. it may not be for sumone else, but for urself as well. it may not be for ur sweetheart but fot the life u live. jsut keep on thinking….. after a time , u ll stop thinking and start feeling…. just as i do..

and i always say…


i am in love…….. i feel love…… i love ……………….

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