when two frenz separate…..

there used to be two frenz…. they both loved each other a lot. the first told da second that thy will be frenz forever. thy used to hang out, have fun. thy thot thy cud reach out to da stars..  thn one fine day the second needed the first…. no… she didnt want any consolation, nor a help, she just wanted the first to hear her n give her a shoulder to cry on… but alas!!! she was not dere,…. instead she left her alone  n every word she spoke pinched the second’s heart to the very bottom… she was torn, her pieces shattered on the floor, she felt that two yrs of continuous efforts into a relationship, cud not create the magic of a hug by sumone thy both had always disliked. i wonder do ppl have any time to look at u n understand ur emotions… in dis story , just a hug change dthe whole life of a girl…. is a hug all dat u need,,,, however fake it is…. u just need a smile… however evil it is…. what do u want ???? shall i come n hug u everday n tell u dat i love u even when i dnt?…. i cant do dat….

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