khan….. hez not a terrorist…

i finally got the chance to watch to an amazing movie ‘MY NAME IS KHAN’. certainly it was a refreshing experience to watch a well made film. this movie is not only the best acting venture by shah rukh khan and kajol but also a new category of film making for karan johar.

but m here to discuss something else….

the point of consideration is that what is the identity of a muslim in this world? are they all not being treated as people who are inhumane and barbareous without a reason? i do not deny the existence of islamic terrorism and the association of muslims with such organisations. but, we have to draw a lin e somewhere. WE CANNOT TREAT ALL MUSLIMS AS ‘BROTHERS’ OF OSAMA.  i have muslim friends who not only are tolerant of all other religions around them but at the same time are die-hard patriots.  they also hate osama and his tribe and they also silently question that why the world has seggregated the muslims as people who follow an agrresive cult who kill on the name of god. there’s only one answer to this question that most of the terrorists today that we know are muslims. but get ur facts corrected. christians are the ones who have contributed most to all the bloodshed in the history of this planet.

we always focus on what is bad and negative. why don’t we pay some attention to love and peace. all we talk about is war and arms. i call upon u to pay some heed to the poor, the hunger and the adversity thousands of our bretheren are facing right now. do we have any remorse for every child who dies out of hunger, when we go out to our favourite food joints to enjoy multi-course parties.

just think about it. is there anything that anybody can do? is there anyone who can raise his voice? yes, its u… its the goodness that lives inside u. just think about it….. this is the first step……..

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