• Life with the plus size in India- Neha Joy Chauhan

    Life With The “Plus Size” In India

    From being called “healthy” to nicknamed “motu,” I can list so many issues that plus-sized girls go through everyday. In India, more specifically, people calling you “healthy” simply means that that they don’t want to call you “fat & ugly” outright. If my life was a movie, I am sure a good 30% of it would be dedicated to my weight struggles. Full disclaimer- I don’t hate my body. I love it, I am proud of it. Can I lose a few pounds? Of course I can. I understand that. But when you put your beautiful garland of judgment around my neck, you must understand that unlike some of you-…

  • Why Is Motivation So Inconsistent?
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    Why Is Motivation So Inconsistent?

    Motivation is one of those myths that no one seems to wrap their heads across even though it seems the most common-sensical things we have around. Motivation isn’t simply an emotion. It is not simply a byproduct of will power but sometimes also a byproduct or habit. Several ‘life coaches’ and ‘gurus’ have created million-dollar empires for themselves by helping people feel ‘motivated’. The problem here is that motivation isn’t such a simple concept. You can kindle a flame in somebody’s heart for once and make them feel all excited to do things, but you can’t rekindle the same flame on Day 2, Day 3 of Day 4- if a…

  • How To Control Hair Loss Due To PCOS- Neha Joy Chauhan
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    How To Control Hair Loss Due To PCOS

    PCOS can be detrimental to a woman’s self esteem. There is no denying that a condition which can hardly be managed, even after devouring pills after pills, lands you in such a position that escape seems impossible. I have been through this (and going through it) and I understand the kind of frustrations that it could bring. The most destructive symptom of PCOS is hair fall. It is rampant, no shampoos can help it and it doesn’t stop no matter what you do. This happens when you are handling this condition the common way. Here is one answer that could help you get better hair. A user asked: How do…

  • What Weakness Do ENTJ Personalities Have? Neha Joy Chauhan

    What Weakness Do ENTJ Personalities Have?

    An ENTJ is that extraverted, energetic field marshal who will kill you with kindness. The ENTJ focuses on ideas as well as concepts. They are not people who are left behind in details. They are people who create the big picture. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. However, they are not exactly people who you would see as successful in personal relationships. Ask me, an ENTJ, who believes that she has struggled with relationships all through her life. Conversations with a large group of people are never a problem but pouring your heart out to someone- well… A user asked me this question: What Weakness…

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    Feel like you are good at nothing in life?

    The feeling of uselessness or nothingness have become so common these days. Everyone is posting awesome selfies on Instagram and secretly searching for ways to boost confidence and self-esteem. Don’t you think there is something that is missing in our lives? Of course we have been taught a lot at schools, homes and even on the streets. What we have not been taught is how to live a more fulfilled life. We have not been taught to believe. I always try to answer all questions that people ask me. Here is one of them. A user had this question- I feel that I am good at nothing in life. What…

  • 25 ThingsI LearntAt 26- Neha Joy Chauhan

    25 Things I Learned At 26

    Another year around the sun. I wonder if I have gone around the sun or the sun has successfully managed to keep me in the earth’s orbit for another year. Considering the kind of person I am, I think it is more the success of the sun that it is mine. Anyway, tomorrow will be my 26th birthday and here are 25 things I have learnt during my quarter of a century lifetime on this planet, about people and me. 1. It’s all okay A lot of things happen in life you know. You get knocked down, punched, beaten, threatened. There are so many bad things that happen to you…

  • I give up!. Neha Joy Chauhan

    I give up!

    No more, no more no more running behind an impossible dream. I give up on you, I give up on my dream. Chasing, chasing chasing the sun in expectation of bright sunshine. All I find is darkness All I find is rain. I give up on you, I give up on my dream. Wait, don’t go anywhere, I am catching up. Oh! you move a little further. Wait, wait, I am catching up, Oh! you have moved farther away. I have lost stamina I can’t move anymore. Not, not just yet I am anxious I am running without moving a limb Wait, wait, wait don’t go I will take my…

  • Nah! Not Interested. Neha Joy Chauhan

    Nah! Not Interested

    You are my spark, but not my fire. You are not my muse, just a lame desire. Will I ever care to look back at you? Will I ever suggest that my love was true? I care for whom my interests lay vested, In you Mr. On-And-Off, I am not interested.   Don’t feel bad about me coz I don’t feel good about you, You think this craziness is about me, but I got this virus from you. I would not suggest that you are a bad boy, But if I needed something so non-interactive, I would (genuinely) prefer a toy. For toys at least don’t let you expect, and even…

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    Independent Isn’t Slutty

    Living alone? Single? In a big city, away from home? Don’t believe in rituals and traditions? Not the solah-somvar types? I know who you are. You are an independent girl and an independent girl must certainly be ready to open her legs the first chance she gets. Sounds rude, doesn’t it? I know it gets difficult to ensure that anything good is happening in your life with prying eyes all around you ensuring that they find one clue, just one clue which can label you a slut. This may sound crazy and I may also sound like a feminazi, a prude who does not understand how society functions. Nonetheless, I…